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Montessori Foundations

What is Montessori Foundations?

Montessori Foundations is here to support parents, infants, toddlers, and Montessori guides. Need help

with a Montessori Nursery? Email Montessori Foundations for a consultation! Have some toileting questions? Ask away! Got an issue at school or in the environment? Let's chat. Montessori Foundations is here to provide quality care for parents, children, and fellow guides during the beautiful stages of infancy and toddler. I look forward to working with you!

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Mission Statement

Create a foundation for life.

Montessori Foundation's mission is to provide guides, parents and their children with quality care, a safe space, and the tools to aid their development of independence through the use of the Montessori Method of Education, laying the groundwork for each child's future in education, relationships, and life.

Who is Montessori Foundations?

Rachel Regan, the founder of Montessori Foundations, is an AMS certified Montessori Infant/Toddler Guide with tons of passion for Montessori and exposing families to the Montessori Method. Rachel was introduced to Montessori as a Nanny for a family with an infant and toddler, and fell in love with the educational method that works to develop independence, with emphasis on peace education. Rachel has years of experience in a Toddler Classroom, but has always dreamed of creating a space for parents and educators. Parenting and teaching can seem overwhelming and stressful, but with access to tools and support we can create a space for our families to thrive confidently. Rachel hopes to accomplish this through Montessori Foundations.